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Ilmi Kitab Khana

Ilmi Kitab Khana is a printers and publishers business in Lahore, Pakistan. Fazal Elahi Market, Lahore is the address. Find full contact details, email address and website address with location maps and owner’s name. Ilmi Book House is part of the press and publishing directory.



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Details about Ilmi Book House and Kitab Khana

Company name: Ilmi Book House
Type of activity: printers and publishers
Mobile number: 0300-4414150
Email: [email protected]
Fax: 7357915
City: Lahore


If you want to visit ilmi Book Depot website, please click the link below to view all ilmi Book Center Lahore books such as English, Urdu, Computer Science, Physics, chemistry, etc.

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Ilmi Kitab Khana is one of Pakistan’s oldest and largest academic book publishers. Our authors are exemplary educators who work hard to provide quality material for students and teachers. Hundreds of thousands of students not only managed to keep but also achieved leading places in exams with the help of our textbooks.

Our publications lead students to read in such a progressive and simple way that they change the way they think and make them literate, empathetic, and informed citizens. Thanks to our commitment to work, we have become one of the leading publishers in the country.

Our organization is guided by the following principles: • we publish only high-quality and integrated material,

  • Expect and deliver what our customers want, •
  • We respect the authors, teachers, educators and suppliers we work with. •
  • We are committed to ensuring that our work is accessible to all HSM, HTMS, Markazi Kutab Khan and Pakistan Law Times footprints of Ilmi Kitab Khan.

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