best general knowledge book for ppsc

best general knowledge book for ppsc

Looking for best general knowledge book test prep books and FPSC PDF 2020 test prep books or earlier PPSC / FPSC documents? You are on the right page. Each year there are different vacancies in different departments and the task is to fill these PPSC / FPSC positions. Before taking the exam, candidates should prepare for the Punjab test or Federal Civil Service Commission by means of FPSC / PPSC exam preparation books or previous PPSC / FPSC exam papers .


Therefore, we have several free PPSC and FPSC test prep books for you, which include PPSC / FPSC MCQ and Past Papers 2020. All books are in PDF format. Download these PPSC / FPSC 2020 prep books and share them with your friends.


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Detail of best book general knowlege PDF Books for PPSC:

Book 1 – Complete summary of all previous work of PPSC Fpsc and NTS
This book contains all kinds of knowledge about PPSC FPSC NTS G.K capsules, ISL, science and preparation for the preparatory tests

PPSC List of Best Preparatory Books will help you to pass Punjab Civil Service Exams (PPSC) as expected. This article lists the PPSC books for the Co-op Inspector, Senior Assistant, and all other exams. There are a large number of PPSC prep books available online and offline that you can contact, but in order to pass these tough exams, applicants should use the best in the market. Applicants can choose the best PPSC preparatory books from those listed in this article.

Field of the study:

The selection of COPS is carried out at different stages according to the procedure for selecting a specific job.
The PPSC exam prep books listed here can help candidates cover each of the topics listed in the curriculum in detail.

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Each book mentioned below has a specialization that will tell you which COPS prep book you can get and how it will help you pass the exam in one go.This is one of the best books that works best in the preparation of the PPSC compiled by PK Planet for students. It is written in very simple language that our students so that everyone can benefit from this e-book. We will always try to provide you with the best PPSC educational books. We would love you to share your thoughts or any issues you have while reading and downloading eBooks in our comments section. Contact us please.

Best books:

Pakistan General Knowledge PDF Books Free Download. General culture is the basic learning for all students. In Pakistan, every student wants to know the basic general knowledge issue to improve their learning. Good knowledge has a better impact on society.

General Information News and questions are a difficult task for all students when applying for government jobs. In a public service, the question of general knowledge is a necessary thing and has great importance in the examination. But finding content on the subject of general knowledge is a difficult task. But don’t worry, we’ll provide you with a list of general knowledge books to help you prepare for the exams.

There are many general culture books out there, but all websites have paid books. But we will provide you with a general knowledge book for free. With the help of the book, you can pass your NTS and all job tests. In these books there is a lot of knowledge related to current popular places and popular events that have recently occurred in Pakistan.

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This book contains multiple choice questions related to all job tests. This pdf has 1268 pages. With the help of this book, you will learn basic and common general knowledge questions in this comprehensive pdf. After learning this book, you will be able to answer general knowledge questions.

prepare for all competitions such as PPSC, FPSC, NTS, CSS, KPSC, KPPSC, BPSC, SPSC, PMS, Tehsildar, Naib Tehsildar, election clerk, under inspector Punjab Prepare for police test and many other competitions are played by the Pakistan government and the various provincial governments of Pakistan.

This general knowledge PDF book is a comprehensive encyclopedia not only of Pakistan but also of the world.

The person praising this general knowledge PDF is Niamat Ullah Zaheer, who gathered all this information and compiled it into PDF format. Not only did he compile this book, but he also decorated it with various pictures to make it interesting for the reader to enjoy the book while reading.


This book covers the following important topics:

  • Pakistani study
  • Islamic study
  • Geography
  • Computer
  • General science
  • Finical benefit of  best book of general knowledge:

We have prepared Comprehensive General Knowledge of Pakistan for free download. In Pakistan, most of the tests or interviews are based entirely on general knowledge questions, and most students do not have general knowledge about Pakistan and therefore will fail the test and interview. If you are ready for a general knowledge of Pakistani MCQs you will learn all about Pakistan and if it asks you questions you can easily try it out.


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Pakistan PDF book answers to general questions and questions are very useful for the whole test Medicine, Engineering, CSS, Civil Service Commission, CSS, NTS, NUST, GAT, etc. when students want to be admitted to college or university or want to get a job, they are fully familiar with their field and the relevant field, but have failed a test or an interview because they do not have general knowledge and that they are generally asked questions about general culture.

There are not enough detailed Pakistani questions and answers in our textbooks, but after reading our complete general knowledge of Pakistani PDF, you will have the complete general knowledge of history, places, cities, quarters of gods, culture and all of Pakistan you want.

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