Fauji Foundation Stipend Scholarship

1. Fauji Foundation Stipend Scholarship

a. The Fauji Foundation provides and salary and easy education for assist former employees and their families (hereinafter referred to as beneficiaries) for further education and training in Pakistan. Fauji Foundation Stipend Scholarship. The term “beneficiaries” includes the following and elements for the award of scholarships. Fauji Foundation Scholarship and Overview Levels: All Levels Fields: All Union Types also.
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The regular armed forces

The regular armed and force (army, navy, air force, northern lights infantry, defense service, and 10 Mujahideen corps) dismiss, retire, and dismiss personnel from Pakistan, AJ&K, and parts for the North who had to serve in the arm forces for at least 10 years. Fauji Foundation Stipend Scholarship
Wives and widows of 1b (1) above for (unless remarry).
Single / Divorced Sons and Daughters for 1b (1) above.

Fauji Foundation Stipend Scholarship

Persons with disabilities

Persons with disabilities and leaving off-duty medicines due for imputable aggravate invalidity due to military service and recipients of and invalidity pension.
Short-term volunteer (JRC) and short-term service (SSE) staff were dismiss at the end of the enrollment request.
Employees who had their employment with the “Be Beyond the Company” program terminated.
.a. The candidate must be a student duly enroll in a government or recognized accrediting institution. He shall be entitled to the salary set out below, subject and the qualification refer to in paragraph 2 above: –


Fauji Foundation deceased or disabled former soldiers.

b) Special/handicapped children of ex-soldiers.
From class IX. The son of all former normal servants.
Special/disable children will receive a salary for advancement to a higher grade, regardless of the grade achieved. If a special child qualifies for higher premiums in any other group, he or she will receive a salary at the rates for that group. However, special / disable children studying in mainstream institutions will present a disability certificate issued by the Fauji Foundation Hospital / Health Center or the District Disability Assessment Board. Private doctor’s disability certificates will not accept.

3. Application procedure Fauji Foundation

Application and forms. Scholarship applications and forms can be obtained after cash payment for Rs 6.00 perform at the offices of the District and Council of the Armed Forces. Fauji Foundation and Welfare Projects or at the headquarters for the Fauji Foundation.  68 Tipu Road, Chaklala, Rawalpindi Cantt. You can also download the form free of charge from the Fauji Foundation check here website (www.fauji.org.pk).
How to use.


Fauji Foundation to submit an application each year.

The forms are processe by computer, so it is essential that the questions are complete correct and cleanly in English (capital letters) and that all parts/sections are complete. When submitting the application, the applicant MUST read the instructions printed on the form so that the forms are not reject/return by this office. (2) NUST applicants and Defense Force institutions may also submit their applications for the Higher Professional Course Award through the relevant institution. Asked documents. Copies of the following duly authenticated documents must be attache to the request: –

(1) For cool use Fauji Foundation

Release order letter of dismissal car pension book from father or mother. In the event of receipt of an invalidity pension, a certified copy of the pension booklet must be attach. Identity card of the father’s mother. Applicant’s national identity card or form “B” issued by NADRA. Father mother’s death certificate proof of disability (if available). In the event that a disabled beneficiary is studying at a regular school. an accept disability certificate will only be accept the district. disability assessment committee or FF hospital center.

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Detail stamp sheet for Post Matric classes and duly certified by the head of the current educational and institution or by the director of Asst / Dy DASB or by an authorized for agent (in service or retire). The downloaded copy must be confirmed by the HOD / Customer.
(2) For renewal cases. Application for scholarship duly and accompanied by a copy of the detailed grade sheet of the previous class (only for upper classes), duly certified by and director/director / HOD/Certificate also.




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