European Youth Volunteering Program 2022 | Don’t Miss Out

European Youth Volunteering Program 2022

Applications for the European Youth Volunteering Program 2022 are open to international students. European Young Volunteer Program The program is fully funded, both undergraduate and graduate students can apply for this program. This youth volunteering program in European countries is open to students from all over the world.

There is no registration charge. There are various activities in different fields, such as social work, health culture, daily life, youth issues, digital skills, etc. Now, There are 638 opportunities with different dates.

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No IELTS or TOEFL is required. The age of participants must not exceed 30 years and must not be less than 18 years.

Details of the European Youth Volunteering Program 2022:

  • Location: European countries.
  • Eligible countries: international students
  • Duration: from 4 weeks to 48 weeks.
  • Coverage: fully funded.
  • Deadline: open all year.

Information on the European Youth Portal

The European Youth Portal provides information and opportunities at the EU level for young people and young people.

We encourage all applicants to visit this portal and explore several opportunities in Europe.

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Financial coverage

The European Young Volunteers program 2022 has many advantages.

  • Accommodation in the apartment.
  • Medical fees.
  • Shared kitchen and bathroom.
  • Monthly contribution.

Volunteer Fields

The following fields are available on the European portal for young volunteers:

  • Pedagogy and didactics
  • EU citizenship, EU awareness, and democracy
  • Creativity and culture
  • Intercultural / intergenerational education and learning (lifelong)
  • Young people (participation, youth work, youth policies)
  • Disability – special needs
  • ICT – new technologies – digital skills
  • Citizenship and democratic participation
  • youth work
  • Teaching and learning of foreign languages
  • Inclusion – equality
  • Measures for the climate, the protection of the environment and nature
  • Education and formation
  • International cooperation, international relations, development cooperation
  • Communautary development
  • Inclusion
  • Rural development and urbanization
  • Access disabled
  • Key skills (including math and literacy) – basic skills
  • Social assistance and well-being
  • Combating violence and combating racism, discrimination and intolerance in sport
  • Digital skills
  • Roma and other minorities
  • Culture
  • Environment and climate change
  • Social dialogue
  • Equality and non-discrimination
  • Citizen involvement / responsible citizenship
  • Gender equality / equal opportunities
  • Healthy lifestyle, active aging
  • Green skills
  • Problems of migrants
  • Skills development
  • Admission and integration of third-country nationals
  • Young people (youth work, politics, participation).

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How to register

The application process for the European Youth Volunteering Program 2022 is online. If you are interested in requesting this opportunity

Below is the official link to the online application:

Visit the official website of the EU Youth Volunteer program.

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