best general knowledge book for ppsc

best general knowledge book for ppsc

Good News for Students to find the best general knowledge book for PPSC. This is one of the best publications created by PK Planet for students to help them prepare for the PPSC. It is written in very simple language regarding our students so that everyone can benefit from this e-book. We will always try to provide you with the best PPSC learning books. We would love for you to share your thoughts or any issues you have while reading and downloading e-books in our comments section. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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If you want to qualify for the PPSC test and view the PPSC test prep books to prepare for the tests, no personal conflict is required. All PPSC exam prep books are free to download and all previous documents are available on this site. PPSC Online MCQS Sample Document Guide and all GAT test preparation updates here. If you have any questions about the PPSC Test Book, download the commentary below.

General Knowledge PDF Books for PPSC

  • Free downloadable FPSC and PPSC exam preparation books PDF 2021
  • Books Dogar Publishers PPSC PDF in 2021 format to download
  • Download Free PDF Books 2021
  • Caravan Books for PPSC PDF 2021
  • PPSC and FPSC Exam Preparation Books, 2021
  • Free downloadable FPSC and PPSC exam preparation books PDF 2021


Download the full Dogar Brothers, Caravan, and All Problems Solved book and another PDF book from this freeskill. Pk site. Our team also downloads all previous PPSC documents.

The COPS test is an important and expected assessment of the competition. But little by little, the challenge becomes more and more intense and aggressive. From the Punjab Public Service Commission, many opponents have applied for various positions in the government. The PPSC must have excellent and important investigative content for incoming guests.

PPSC Test Preparation Books:

Books Dogars Publishers PPSC PDF in 2021 format to download

best general knowledge book for ppsc is available If you need to take the PPSC test, properly organize your current project layout and final preparation, so you can move forward. If you need to get into government positions, you can implement this concept by performing a PPSC test. You can grow when an effective technique is developed and practiced in management. You can submit the questionnaire during the validity period.

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A list of the best PPSC prep books will help you pass the Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) exams on a set schedule. The PPSC books for the Co-op Inspector, Senior Assistant, and all other exams are listed in this article. There are numerous COPS prep books available online and offline that you can refer to, but to pass these tough exams, applicants should use the best in the market. Applicants can choose the best PPSC prep books from those listed in this article.

Selection Procedure of PPSC

The selection of the PPSC is carried out in different stages depending on the procedure for selecting a particular post.

Each book mentioned has a specialization that will tell you which COPS prep book you can get and how it will help you pass the exam in one go.

To effectively prepare for the PPSC tests, all candidates must adhere to the best PPSC prep books. Below you will find the books on preparing for the exams of collaborating inspectors for 2020.

Latest General Knowledge Collection

  • Subject/title of the book
  • Author / Publication
  • Description
  • PPSC Co-operative Inspector
  • Fake test of the inspector of cooperative societies inspector PPSC 2020

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Edu Gorilla:

  • In-depth study material devoted to the examination of cooperatives. That one
  • G.K. – Kirin report on general knowledge of SSC, chapter and type, corrected
  • Kirin Prakash an
  • It will help you prepare for the latest information about the world around you and will also help you during interviews.
  • Interview: The last hurdle
  • Swain smirk

Tips and tricks to help you gain self-confidence during the interview.

It strengthens your communication skills and teaches you how to introduce yourself to others.

Best general knowledge book for ppsc 2022. To get a good PPSC Senior Assistant grade, you would need the best PPSC exam prep books that are relevant and help you better understand. The following books will cover all relevant programs for the Senior Assistant Exam.


  • Subject/title of the book
  • Author / Publication
  • Description
  • Senior Assistant to the PPSC
  • Logical reasoning: a modern approach to verbal and non-verbal thinking
  • R S Aggarwal
  • One of the most famous books for the preparation of PSC.
  • Skills – quantitative skills for generic competition in Hindi
  • R S Aggarwal
  • G.K. – Kiran report on general knowledge of SSC, chapter and type, corrected

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Best general knowledge book for ppsc and general knowledge notes are very important for all kinds of exams performed by Ppsc, Bpsc, Fpsc, NTS, Kppsc, Spsc, Ots, Ats, Uts, Pts, ITS, Cts, and other Pakistani testing agencies. In each test performed by Punjab Public Service Commission, CSS, Pakistan NTS National Test Service, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Clean Service Commission, FPSC Federal Public Service Commission, Baluchistan Public Service Commission, Sindh Public Service Commission, Azad Jammu, and Kashmir, ISSB, Pakistani Army, Navy, PAF.


World geography, atmosphere, science, current affairs, science and literature, Pakistani affairs, and international organizations are among Mcqs’ general knowledge topics. This section also contains previously resolved mocks repeated in several trials

Download All Books Here:

World Best General Knowledge book pdf download free

Everyday Science General Knowledge Book PDF Download for PPSC

Logical Reasoning Best General Knowledge book PDF download for PPSC

Everyday Science and Logical Reasoning Test 1

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