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Call for researchers in the framework of a scholarship program for 5,000 domestic students and doctoral students

The 5000 Indigenous Scholarship Scheme’s specific goal is to develop a critical mass of highly educated human resources in all advanced-level areas taught at local universities.These locally qualified academics and researchers will strengthen the research and development potential of public and private universities and also strengthen the local industrial sector.

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Following the launch of the program, the research culture at public / private universities has developed in line with international norms / standards. This project covers various disciplines belonging to all areas of science and technology, as well as the social sciences, humanities and biological sciences. To improve research facilities in these areas, the Higher Education Commission has funded many departments / universities to set up research laboratories. The result is a huge change in the research culture of Pakistani universities.

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VHS continues to place great emphasis on national scholarship programs as locally trained researchers work on local issues of major national importance. Therefore, their research is expected to have a direct impact on Pakistan’s growth and socioeconomic development.

In addition, the program provides funding to universities to improve their research facilities, especially small laboratories, chemicals, computer equipment, etc., which not only facilitate research by local researchers, but also serve as a contribution to the advanced department. research laboratories.

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Scholarships abroad
Thanks to a highly sought-after international scholarship, HEC connects exceptional students and instructors with the world’s leading research universities.

National scholarships
At the postdoctoral and doctoral level, many scholarships are available to help academically gifted students and faculties.

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