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Data Structures and Algorithms in Java


Here on this page, we have provided the latest link to download data structures and algorithms in Java PDF. Do not hesitate and download it to your computer / mobile phone. See Sams Publishing for more references

Data structures and algorithms in Java language – book

Two steps are required to insert a new item into the indexed file. First, we insert the complete article record into the main file; we then insert a record into the index, which consists of a key and the block number in which the new record is stored.

Because the index is in sequential order, half of the index entries must be moved on average to insert a new element. When calculating 2 microseconds to move a byte to memory, we have 250,000 times 32 times 2, which is about 16 seconds to insert a new item. This equals 5 minutes for the next unindexed file. (Note that we don’t have to move the records to the main file, we just welcome the new record at the end of the file.)

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Of course, a more sophisticated approach can also be used to store the index in memory. You can save it as a binary tree, a 2-3-4 tree or, for example, a red and black tree. Each of them would significantly reduce the time of insertion and deletion. In both cases, index memory access is much faster than sequential file access. In some cases, it will be even faster than the B tree.

Data structures and algorithms in Java PDF

PDF Title: Data Structures and Algorithms in Java
Total Page: 801 Pages
Author: Robert Lafore

PDF Size:

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Language: English
Publisher: Sams Publishing
PDF Link: Available

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