CSS Exam Past Papers , Subject Wise Past Papers

css exam past papers

CSS Exam Past Papers

All new candidates must review the CSS exam past papers. Reading CSS exam past papers will help you prepare for the exam. It aids in the comprehension of CSS Papers’ format. It gives you thought about the character of questions asked in CSS papers. It tells what proportion of time is allowed for the paper. The most important benefit of reading past papers is that it helps you stay on track when studying for your test. Here are some sample past papers for your consideration.

In 2015, the CSS Exam syllabus was updated. The new syllabus is followed for exams within the onward years. The syllabus for CSS Exam reveals both the list of subjects also as the course contents of every subject. The syllabus will serve as a roadmap for preparing for the CSS Exam. A candidate taking the CSS Exam should carefully review the syllabus. It assists you in both selecting subjects and properly preparing for them. The names of all subjects including compulsory also as optional are listed in the syllabus. The optional subjects have been divided into classes. Candidates must choose one optional subject from each party. Optional subjects worth a total of 600 points must be chosen. There is only one paper for this subject, which is worth 100 points. The subject is worth 200 points and has two 100-point articles. The following is a list of all CSS Exam subjects:

CSS Exam – the way to select optional Subjects

CSS Exam has 12 papers. The correct subject selection ensures your CSS Exam success. Sometimes it becomes difficult for college kids to settle on the optional subjects because they either don’t know the principles for the selection of optional paper, or they are doing not which subjects are good for getting high marks. This text will instruct you on the principles of subject selection as well as assist you in choosing the appropriate subjects in order to achieve high marks in the CSS Exam.


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■ Understanding the principles for Selection of Optional Subjects

1. The CSS exam consists of 12 papers, six of which are required and six of which are optional. Each paper carries 100 marks. CSS Exam has 1200 marks in total.

2. Optional subjects for 600 marks are to be selected from the list given by FPSC.

3. There are groups of subjects within the list. From each group. One subject is often selected. the topic carrying 100 marks has one paper. the topic carrying 200 marks has two papers.

4. This website contains a list of optional articles.

Tips for choosing optional subjects that will help you get good grades

All the optional subjects are good. You’ll select any subject. Good marks totally depend upon how well you prepare for the exam. the choice of the subject depends on your choice. Here are some guidelines for choosing an optional subject to offer a rough idea to the candidates newly applying for CSS Exam.

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1. Study the syllabus of every subject thoroughly before selecting it. The syllabus will offer you thought whether you’ll prepare the topic easily or not.

2. Select those subjects which you’ve got already studied in your previous classes i.e. in Bachelors or Intermediate. As you’ve got already studied those subjects in your previous classes, you’ll comparatively more command of them. it’ll be comparatively easier for you to organize those subjects alright.

3. Select those subjects which interest you more. Selecting your interest will make it easier for you to organize them. Having an interest in a neighborhood also indicates our more familiarity and understanding of the topic.

4. If you’ve got studied Arts subject in your previous classes, it’s better to prefer Arts subject over science subjects for CSS exam. Art subjects will easier for you to organize. as an example, you’ve got studied Sociology as a topic in your previous classes; you’ll select Anthropology or Psychology together with your optional subjects. On the opposite hand, science subjects involve basic knowledge which can not be easily grasped if you’ve got not studied them as a topic.

5. If you’ve got studied science subjects in your previous classes, and you think that you simply are excellent in them, you ought to select them as an optional subject.

6. If you are proficient in a regional language such as Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto, or Balochi, you should consider including it as one of your optional subjects. These are generally viewed as scoring subjects thanks to our familiarity with them as our maternal language. If you’re not good at those subjects (regional language), you ought to never select them. Because you ought to skills to read and write your regional language also to understand its grammar and vocabulary with regard to its utility. Your decision should consider all of those underlying factors.

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