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botany mcqs

botany mcqs, often known as physiology, plant biology, or plant science, is a discipline of biology that studies plants. A botanist, plant scientist, or plant scientist is a scientist specializing in this field. The word ‘botany’ derives from the ancient Greek word v (botan), which means ‘pasture, grass, or fodder,’ and is derived from (boskein), which means “feed” or “graze.”


Botany has traditionally included the study of fungi and algae by mycologists and phycologists, leaving the study of these three groups of organisms within the framework of the International Botanical Congress. Today, botanists study (strictly speaking) about 410,000 species of terrestrial plants, including about 391,000 species of vascular plants (of which about 369,000 species of flowering plants) and about 20,000 bryophytes.

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Botany is one of the oldest fields of study, having begun as a herbal medicine with the goal of early people discovering – and then growing – edible, medicinal, and toxic plants.Plants of medical relevance were typically found in medieval physical gardens, which were often associated to monasteries. They are the forerunners of the first botanical gardens associated with universities, founded in 1540. One of the first was the Botanical Garden in Padua.


Efforts to catalog and describe their collections were the beginnings of plant taxonomy and in 1753 led to the binomial system of Charles Linnae’s nomenclature, which is still used to name all biological species.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, new techniques for the study of plants were developed, including light microscopy and live-cell imaging methods, electron microscopy, chromosome number analysis, plant chemistry, enzymes and other proteins, as well as their structure and function. Botanists employed molecular genetic studies, such as genomics and proteomics, and DNA sequences to more correctly identify plants in the last two decades of the twentieth century.

Modern botany is a vast, multidisciplinary subject that incorporates contributions and ideas from a wide range of scientific and technological disciplines. Structures, growth, plant differentiation, reproduction, biochemistry at the major metabolomic, chemicals, development, disease, evolutionary linkages, and taxonomy’s taxonomy are some other research subjects. Botany MCQs download from our website.

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Mechanisms of gene expression control during differentiation of plant cells and preparations. Botanical research has several applications in the provision of basic foodstuffs, MATERIAL Such as Wood, Oil, Rubber fibers, and medicines in modern horticulture in agriculture and forestry, in plant propagation, breeding, and genetic modification in the production of CHEMICALS and raw materials for construction and energy production, as well as environmental management and biodiversity conservation. People in the Little Tennessee River Valley employed plants 10,000 years ago for several remedies, as well as firewood and food.

Botany began as herbal medicine, the study and application of plants for medical purposes. [7] Many ancient literature and plant classifications can be found in the oldest-known history of botany. Examples of early botanical works were found in ancient Indian texts from before 1100 BC. L., Ancient Egypt, in archaic writings from Avesta and from work from China probably before 221 BC. L.

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