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Order your PMA test prep book online including Pakistan Military Academy Long Course, License Course (Introductory Test & ISSB Test Prep) with Complete Guide.

Key Features of PMA Long Term Test Prep Book:
PMA LC.Sylabus PMA Selection Criteria 149 PMA Online Exam Long Course History PMA Verbal Intelligence Test Kakul Non-Verbal Intelligence Test Academic Test Written Online Test Important question.
Designed according to PMA program to achieve high scores. If you have any help, please do not hesitate to contact us. To know more

The best-selling book is the PMA Test Preparation Book. A comprehensive PMA guide for undergraduate and long-term military courses. Start preparing for the introductory PMA test and the 5-day ISSB test. The PMA course manual contains a comprehensive curriculum including an introductory IQ test, an academic test, a medical test and a military PAK physical test.

The second part of the MAP preparatory book includes ISSB document templates, a 5-day ISSB TEST procedure, ISSB interviews and guidelines for GTO activities.

PMA long-term test preparation booklet
Quiet features:

Main features of the PMA Long Course Number 2021 test preparation book

PMA Long Course Selection Procedure Introductory Test Materials for PMA Online Tests Guidelines for Physical and Medical Testing 5-Day ISSB Procedure Tips for Studying High Scores PMA Practice Papers
The PMA test prep book also contains sample materials for verbal intelligence tests, sample materials for non-verbal intelligence tests. PMA academic test (English physics, mathematics, Islamic studies, Pakistani studies). General knowledge of the world. Basic mathematics (triangle, percentage, average, ratios and proportions). Basic mathematical dictionary.

The PMA Test Preparation Book contains complete instructions regarding Written / Intelligence Test, Physical Test, Next Screening Procedure, PMA Kakul Training Period, required documents on the day of the test.

PDF of the preparatory book for the PMA test
The PMA guide is specially designed to perform the initial PMA test. Some candidates request the addition of a download button for the PDF PMA Long Course BOOK format. Unfortunately, we cannot do this because it is difficult to read and solve the PMA in PDF. The use of laptops or mobile devices to read and manipulate the assisted reproduction practice materials may affect the eyesight of candidates.

We therefore recommend that you solve the practical tests of the PMA Long course test either on paper or in a book.

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