Army Medical College Lahore Admission 2022

If you want to become a doctor in the Pakistan army

Enter the MBBS / BDS 2021 courses. Dreams will come true when you wear a khaki Pakistani army uniform and serve the nation as a medical captain. Army Medical College Lahore Admission 2021 The Army Medical College admission date is June 27, 2022 (July 27, 2022, is the CMA admission completion date in 2022). Don’t miss the opportunity to enroll in a medical cadet course.

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Believe in yourself, you can do it better than anyone. An applicant can only pass all stages of admission to Army Medical University if they know about the Army Medical University admission and the selection process. For a complete guide to the AMC testing program, including an example, see this article. And Army Medical College Lahore Admission 2022 Because most CMA applicants are unfamiliar with medical school and the membership selection process. army medical college lahore admission 2021

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 A step by step guide for Army Medical College Lahore Admission 2021

So, after reading this helpful article, you may be eligible for AMC 2021 MBBS / BDS courses at Rawalpindi Military and Medical College or any NUMS-affiliated college. And army Medical College is one of the best medical schools in Pakistan.

Enrollment in MBBS / BDS courses is divided into three categories. So, In the first category, only men can apply for admission to military medical schools. so, In the 2nd and 3rd years, both girls and boys (civilian and military children) can register for the admission test to the AMC. And here are the top 3 ways to gain admission to Army Medical College for the 2021-2022 MBBS / BDS program.

Applicant can join Pakistan Army Medical School for MBBS / BDS courses by registering through these courses. Scroll down for the AMC entry test registration and selection process.

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How do I apply to Army Medical College Lahore Admission 2022

Online registration and open for the BDS course and the MBBS course. The application and deadline for the Army Pak Medicine Cadet course is July 27, 2022. The pre-test will take place in August.  So, Students will be assigned different exam dates and the exam schedule will be listed on the registration form.

The Pakistani Army has a program where people can join the Pakistani Army as a medical cadets. And Applicants who wish to “join the military then as a doctor” can apply to this program after FSC Pre-Medical. So, The successful candidate will receive free training and a monthly scholarship. Upon graduation, the candidate will receive the rank of captain of the Pakistani army.

It is the best choice for students who want to enlist in the Pakistani army. and who are interested + have medical experience. All eligible students must apply for an Army doctor’s enrollment. Army Medical College (AMC) and CMH Hospital at Lahore Medical College will train successful applicants.

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